Glazing Options

SWC supply a huge range of high performance glazing options, tailored to suit the individual requirements of each project. Every project differs and location is often a key factor when deciding what glazing should be used. The glazing is often refereed to as Insulated Glass Units (IGU) and in residential properties high performing energy rated windows are by far the most popular choice. SWC is a leading supplier of energy rated products and provide ‘A’ & ‘A+’ energy rated windows with some of the highest energy index ratings available. Our typical ‘A’ rated window option includes soft coat glass to the internal pane, argon gas fill with warm edge spacer bar and low iron glass to the external pane

Please note that our energy rated products are licensed through the British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC) and therefore carry a specific glass specification and if this is changed it may affect the energy rating.

Glazing can perform in several different ways and is often refereed to as clever or smart glazing and when used correctly provides a light and comfortable environment . Choosing the right glazing and specification can be difficult so if in doubt ask on of our experts who will be happy to guide you through the process.

The energy performance for IGU’s is generally measured using ‘U’ values which is normally a requirement on new build projects through current building regulations. Energy rated products through the BFRC use an additional solar gain value to determine the rating. When using energy rated windows the glass is generally more energy efficient than that of the surrounding frame and therefore the U value for the glass will be lower than that of the frame. Architects and designers are making use of the advanced technology that clever glazing provides to build larger glazed facades in residential and commercial properties. SWC provide a huge range of specialist products to help achieve this including:

  • Obscure and textured glass – with five levels of privacy
  • Toughened Safety Glass
  • Laminated glass – for safety, security and acoustic properties
  • Heat reflective glass – for Conservatories and south facing properties
  • Self clean glass – for hard to reach applications
  • Tinted Glass – for controlled light transmission
  • Decorative Glass – bespoke lead-work to match traditional and contemporary designs

New Service - Online Composite Door Builder

Published by swctrade on 16 Sep 2020
Our Composite Door Builder is now live and ready to use for quotes and orders. Access is free and is password protected through the SWC Website. Pl

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