Authentic Georgian Bar

With customers putting more emphasis on the looks of windows fitted into their homes, Authentic Georgian Bar offers a much more traditional look to any Georgian style window.

No longer having to rely on aluminium inserts into the glass, using a duplex bar within the units to create the appearance of individual pieces of glass, we are able to mill and fit a sculptured 22mm bar on the face of the unit. The result is a window that has the traditional appearance of multiple pieces of glass with all of the benefits of double-glazing.

This option is now so popular that we have a dedicated area of the factory specific to this task.

Spectral Foil

Published by swctrade on 21 Oct 2019
Spectral Foil - A real EXCLUSIVE game changer! This premium foil finish looks just like aluminium . . . Spectral Foil has been designed and developed

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