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By day, Paul Margetts is a mild mannered Transport & Logistics Manager at SWC, but outside of this Paul is a real local hero who volunteers for Her Majesty’s Coastguard search and rescue team within the Scarborough borough. Saving lives whilst risking their own, is an everyday occurrence for the fearless teams of rescuers and emergency services up and down the country.

When we go home at night after work to relax & put our feet up, when needed, Paul is out saving lives, almost always in the face of adversity, which is an incredible contribution to the local community and a role with responsibilities that command our utmost respect.

As an unpaid volunteer, Paul together with the other emergency services do an inspiring and truly fantastic job. We are all very proud of these deserving gallant heroes who we give our thanks, praise & recognition too.


A word from Paul….

I joined HM Coastguard on 31 July 2012 after a lengthy but interesting recruitment and selection process. Once accepted into the Scarborough Team I had to undergo a lot of training in order to ensure that I was competent in the basics of being a Coastguard Rescue Officer (CRO). This process can take around 1 year to complete, but I was pretty keen so I made sure I put the extra hours and time into the role so that I could put myself forward for the relevant tests in order to become an active team member sooner rather than later. Within around 2 months I had managed to get myself to the required knowledge level, therefore I was issued with my pager and allowed to attend emergency call-outs. Over the coming months/years I increased my knowledge and experience by being an active team member as I pretty much attended every call-out and training session during that time.


During my first few years as a CRO I was based in Whitby through the day with my previous job, therefore, I carried a pager for that area and attended any daytime call-outs. My then employer was happy for me to leave work to attend these calls, providing I made the hours up, which I did. Responding to incidents for the Scarborough and Whitby Team(s) gave me a response area from the Blue Dolphin Caravan Park in the souh to the north or Staithes, due to the overlap of resources. I absolutely loved being on-call for these two areas, although it did get very difficult at times due to the pressures of work and the pressures of some of the incidents that I/we were tasked to. In the 7 years I have been a member of HM Coastguard I would say that I have attended hundreds of incidents and I believe that I have learnt something new from every one that I’ve been involved with.

Thank You NHS From SWC

Published by swctrade on 02 Jun 2020
It is week 4 on the road to recovery for SWC with plenty of challenges still ahead! The team are working tremendously hard & in great spirit s

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