Cherry is being replaced by Golden Oak

Cherrywood foil is being replaced with Golden Oak.  Cherrywood and Golden Oak foils are very similar and difficult to tell apart. For example you have all been using Golden Oak Panels and trims for years because none of the ancillary suppliers stock Cherrywood.

The Veka ‘Variations’ foil range is now huge and difficult for them to manage, but manage it they must and in order to remain on trend whilst maintaining an efficient service something must give. There has been a large decline over the last 5 years in both Cherrywood and Golden Oak sales which has led to the decision to bring the Halo product in line with Veka extrusions that have always used Golden Oak.

RATIONALISATION: Please note that this forms part of a Veka rationalisation programme taking place throughout this year and there are more changes to be announced by them as they are introduced.

When a product is changed by the supply chain, we need to trust they have fully assessed their position commercially from an extrusion, production & customer demand point of view.  When something is removed from the range, more usually we are all up in arms, but more positively, in this instance we are not losing the option, we are only embracing a small change.

Thank You NHS From SWC

Published by swctrade on 02 Jun 2020
It is week 4 on the road to recovery for SWC with plenty of challenges still ahead! The team are working tremendously hard & in great spirit s

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