Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn windows are specially designed with practicality and functionality in mind! They enable you to have a quick means of escape in the unlikely event of an emergency occurring.

The first rotation of the handle will allow the top of the window to tilt back into your room to provide natural ventilation. A further rotation will allow you to pull the window fully inwards towards you, which will allow you to clean the outside very easily. It can’t do the cleaning for you, but the tilt and turn mechanism is a step in the right direction!

  • System 10 or Rustique Profiles
  • Internally beaded with a choice of sculptured or bevelled bead
  • Single leg bead with mitred or over-scribed finish for fitter’s preference
  • 28mm glazing
  • Sight-line PCE gaskets
  • Tilt before turn mechanism
  • Concealed Gearing (size limitations apply)
  • Available in a large choice of woodgrain foils including:
    • Rosewood both sides (S10 & Rustique)
    • Rosewood on white (S10 & Rustique)
    • Light Oak both sides (S10 & Rustique)
    • Light Oak on white (S10 & Rustique)
    • Cream both sides (Rustique only)
    • White both sides (Rustique only)
    • Anthracite grey on white (Rustique only)
    • Agate Grey on white (Rustique only)
    • Black on white (Rustique only)
    • Irish oak both sides (Rustique only)

Bring A Pound To Work Day

Published by swctrade on 13 Mar 2019
    Tuesday 12th March 2019 was Yorkshire Coast Radio "Bring A Pound To Work Day", their big day of fund raising for Saint Catherine’s Hospic