System 10 Frames

System 10 is a fully chamfered suite of 70mm profiles.

Product Applications:
The System 10 Range is available in Casement & French Windows, Tilt & Turns, Residential, French & Patio Doors.

28mm Double Glazing
This is our standard double glazed option and is available in a choice of mitred or over-scribed beads.

40mm Triple Glazing
The triple glazed option is only available with a mitred flat bead.

A wider sloping drainage channel allows for the quick draining of any water.

PCE Gasket
The PCE gaskets are cleverly designed to be low level. The gasket is post co-extruded and gives a consistency in quality and finish, which reduces any hard lumps in corners and overcomes any stretching problems. It features a new weather seal flipper and 3.0mm glazing pad for an improved seal.

Low Level Gasket
Our PCE gaskets are low level, which means they are designed to fit in with the profile so that the maximum glass area is made visible with no unsightly gasket lines.

Top Hat Fixings and Screw Ports
Hardware and striker keeps are screwed into specially extruded top hat fixing points and screw ports for an improved technical and enhanced security performance.

Bring A Pound To Work Day

Published by swctrade on 13 Mar 2019
    Tuesday 12th March 2019 was Yorkshire Coast Radio "Bring A Pound To Work Day", their big day of fund raising for Saint Catherine’s Hospic