Suited Furniture

To keep up with the demands of a constantly changing market place, we have specially sourced a wide range of durable hardware in a good selection of colours and finishes, guaranteed to add those individual finishing touches. These have all been designed to withstand the rigours of the British weather and will still look good in years to come!

The Definitive Collection hardware range is of a very high quality and specification. Whilst many suppliers source their door and window furniture from different companies, The Definitive Collection sources all these items from one supplier to guarantee that you get a matching finish every time.

The Monkey-Tail handle is elegantly designed and retains the classic looks of period windows from the 19th Century but works with the modern multipoint locking systems used on our windows. The Monkey Tail handle is key locking and supplied with an allen style key, this is a traditional product, and the locking grub screw is not automatic, correct operation is required to ensure the product is not damaged.

‘Tested beyond the limits and built to last’ these handles are manufactured from die-cast zinc with a specially formulated finish. They have been cycle tested to 25000 operations and salt spray tested to 480 hours (BS EN 1670 : Class 5)

To maintain the heritage there is also a Monkey Tail dummy casement stay available

This product is only available in antique Black which closely replicates the original wrought iron look.

Options Include:

  • White
  • Hardex Gold
  • Chrome
  • Graphite
  • Bronze
  • Antique Black

Our suited furniture is available in a range of 6 colours.
Antique Black, Bright Bronze, Hardex Chrome, Hardex Gold, Hardex Graphite, White.

Bring A Pound To Work Day

Published by swctrade on 13 Mar 2019
    Tuesday 12th March 2019 was Yorkshire Coast Radio "Bring A Pound To Work Day", their big day of fund raising for Saint Catherine’s Hospic