Kolorbond is a specialist coating that has been uniquely designed for PVCu to enable windows, doors and conservatories to be finished in any colour offering something different to compliment any surroundings.

When correctly applied to PVCu it forms a molecular cross bond with the plastic surface offering a superb finish with a life expectancy in excess of 15 years. Due to the difficulties in the logistics of sending products away to be sprayed and the inconsistency of quality when they are returned, SWC have installed a Kolorbond plant in-house producing a top quality finish every time.

Only use water with a mild detergent, as some washing up liquids are unsuitable. Do not use any abrasive products such as cream cleaner and scouring pads. Do not use solvent based cleaners (this includes most household detergents).

Bring A Pound To Work Day

Published by swctrade on 13 Mar 2019
    Tuesday 12th March 2019 was Yorkshire Coast Radio "Bring A Pound To Work Day", their big day of fund raising for Saint Catherine’s Hospic